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About Us

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Jan Schaffner

It’s more than taxes and accounting. It’s about finding the right solutions that benefit you best.

I’m Jan Schaffner, owner of Schaffner Tax Solutions. Growing up on a farm in Melrose, I discovered what the Midwest work ethic is all about. After stumbling upon the tax world by accident and loving it in 2008, that work ethic is a part of how I help my clients put the pieces of the tax puzzle together to find solutions for their business.

I offer you the experience of someone who has worked in both big firms and those small- town firms built on hand shakes and hard work. You don’t have to know anything about tax planning or tax management. I’m here to make it clear by showing you how the right approach can positively impact your livelihood.

When I’m not hard at work, you can find me playing in the great outdoors with my husband and our three children near Fountain City, and working on my Masters in Business Taxation.

Taxes can be puzzling. Let’s put those pieces together and find the right solutions that benefit you best. Contact Schaffner Tax Solutions at

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