"Don't Ignore Mail From IRS"

This catchy headline came to my email inbox this morning from my research software, Checkpoint of Thomson Reuters, and it grabbed my attention.

Over the years, I have noticed the letters that IRS sends to clients are not all justified. But still, taxpayers cannot ignore them even if they believe that IRS is incorrect.

You need to reply in a timely manner and provide the necessary documents to support the originally filed return. By timely responding to the letter, as Checkpoint states, "the taxpayer will avoid delays in processing their return, minimize any additional interest and penalties charges, and lastly preserve their rights to appeal changes they don't agree with."

Most tax consultants will help their clients respond timely to IRS letters. After all, that is why you hire a professional.

Please call Schaffner Tax Solutions LLC at (608) 820-3200 if you have any concerns. We would love the opportunity to see how we can help.


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