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When we review a return from a prior year, we are looking for ways to reduce taxable income in the current year without passing the burden to future years. Items we review are W-2’s, capital gain income/loss carryovers, business income & expenses, and retirement account opportunities. What can we review for you?


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This catchy headline came to my email inbox this morning from my research software, Checkpoint of Thomson Reuters, and it grabbed my attention. Over the years, I have noticed the letters that IRS send

Tax planning is a tool that doesn't end with the close of the calendar year. There are many ways to continue to manage your tax strategies throughout the year. By working with us as your tax consulta

As a new calendar year begins, now is a great time to review opportunities regarding your payroll. The latest version of the W-4s has not changed since 2020, but taxpayers may want to adjust their wit