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Where is Summer Going?

As we start the second half of July, I am shocked to see the calendar approaching August. Tax season never really ends for us here at Schaffner Tax Solutions LLC, however that is a good news for you. We are constantly reviewing our clients tax summaries to see if there is a better plan for next year.

We are heading into preliminary tax planning season as business owners who are experiencing higher income are calling us already to develop a plan. We are ecstatic as clients call us at this time of the year; you see, we have a very different philosophy than other consultants. We love talking projections early rather than later in the year.

If you believe that our philosophy fits your business and you value having someone proactive on your team; call us today for a free initial consultation.

We believe in "Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow" makes your business more successful. Call us at (608) 820-3200 or email at


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